CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) means that producer and consumer conclude an economic system and together decides what to grow the following year. OWB was part of a comprehensive European project with the aim to develop knowledge and abilities that can support the establishment of local consumer/producer partnership that will support healthy, seasonal and sustainable produced food to a fair price.

This will be possible through:

  • the establishment of a European network that will share knowledge and abilities with interested groups in their countries
  • develop learning activities and tools to engage the public
  • support sustainable consumption and other initiatives from the society

OWB was part of the project in Budapest 22-25 May 2014. In May 2015 the Malmö-team was the hosts for the European group.


Project partners

KomPot, Tjeckien (CSA)
TSE, Ungern (Konsument organisation)
Tranzicijska Pula, Kroatien (CSA)
Verein Solidarische Landwirtschaft, Tyskland, (CSA organisation)
Institute for Global Responsibility, Poland (NGO)
La Citta del Sole – Amici del Parco Trotter, Milan kulturell organisation
Associazone Culturale Cascina Santa Brera, Milan (CSA)
Miljöförvaltningen, Malmö stad with different NGOs (such as Organic Without Borders)

  • Location: Budapest and Malmö
  • Project status: Finished
  • Project duration: 2014-2015