OWB medverkade på Malmö garden show med att ställa ut barnens berättelser inom ”Från jord till Bord programmet” samt och sålde ut de grönsaksplantor som inte använts i våra odlingsprogram. Allt överskott från grönsaksförsäljningen går till Education for Life, en insamling som OWB driver för att en läkarstudent i Etiopien ska kunna bli färdig läkare.

I Etiopien finns det ca 1 doktor på 100 000 invånare. Vi arbetar med att samla in pengar till Shewangzaws läkarutbildning i Addis Abeba, Etiopien. Han läser nu sista året på den 5 år långa utbildningen och därefter har han ett år med AT tjänst innan han är klar läkare.

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En film från förra årets Malmö Garden Show.
Filmat av: Maria Bohlin



Här kommer text inom kort!/Organic Without Borders




This year will raise money to our Ethiopian fund Education for Life by selling plants like chili, tomatoes and sunflowers. You are most welcome to buy a plant and help a medical student to become a doctor in Addis Abeba.

OWB will also have an exibition at Malmö Garden Show, with stories written by children in Malmö that participate in our program From Earth to Table (Från Jord till Bord) together with schools and a chef school.

Malmö is an exciting city with a population that origins from all over the world. Many children have been farming with their parents and grandparents in allotment plots, the countryside or the orange grove. Yet other children have not been outside the city nor been able to stick their fingers in the soil. However, almost all children have been helping out cooking in their homes. But what do they cook? What new recipes and wonderful tastes moves in the children’s minds?

The children’s stories is made into an outside exhibition at the outdoor classroom outside Kommendanthuset, Malmö Museer. We meet the children in a number of workshops where we grow, harvest, prepare food and eat together. The last workshop is held together with students from a chef school, an upper secondary school.



Eat Your Wall was an exhibition with small eatable garden walls in The Outdoor Classroom at Malmö Museer in the summer of 2015.

The eatable walls are developed to inspire on how to grow eatable plants in small spaces in the city, for example on your balcony. They are planted by pupils in Malmö (grade 3-6) as a part of a food and farming program that Organic Without Borders and Malmö Museer are offering three schools in Malmö. In this program we work with the same class during two occasions during the year. In the spring the kids are planting their eatable walls and sowing their own little vegetable plot. The next time we meet is in September, when we harvest and cook food together in our outdoor kitchen. The harvesting and cooking are done in collaboration with Werners Kockgymnasium in Malmö. The pupils at the upper secondary chef school are teaching the younger kids on how to prepare meals.

The purpose of the program is to increase the interest and knowledge about gardening and where food comes from. We see big advantages in working with different schools and ages. The project are sponsored by Malmö Förskönings- och Planteringsförening.