The aim of the project is to investigate, by the means of cross border interaction, how to build a sustainable structure and to identify key components for urban development through city farming in Malmö.

Project goals:

  • to develop a Malmömodell of how to gather knowledge about a clear and flexible structure on an open and reciprocal basis
  • to identify the conditions for developing a culture of innovation within the municipality by the means of the project’s learning process
  • the actors within the project will develop a common view of important already existing structures and processes that should be supported and identify those that have to be built for future co-creating.
  • the different actors within the project will have an increased knowledge about each other as well as a clear picture of the actors’ potentials and cooperation opportunities.


Project management

Stadsområde Norr (Malmö Municipality) – Annette Larsson
Malmö Högskola (Malmö University) – Fredrik Björk and Anders Edvik
SLU Alnarp (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) – Tim Delshammar
Involve – Edward Andersson, European Specialist
Organic Without Borders – Linnea Wettermark

Pictures are from our study visit in Berlin august 2014.

  • Location: Malmö, Berlin, Amsterdam
  • Project status: Finished
  • Project duration: 2014