Organic Without Borders (OWB) is an NGO (ideell förening) that works to develop and support methods for a sustainable future anywhere in the world. We develop methods through socio-ecological city farming and working pedagogically with children and adults and their relationship to food and farming in Sweden and other countries.




OWB welcomes new members to the NGO. Every member gets invited to the annual meeting, and therefore has the opportunity to influence the future of OWB. The membership is free, and as a plus you will receive a newsletter regarding our activities directly to your inbox. Please e-mail us to become a member today!


 Corporate identity (organisationsnummer): 802490-7530






Linnea Wettermark

Project leader, head of board
 +46 709 900 149




Anna Malmgren

Pedagog and Gardener
 +46 760 241 494




Maria Lindberg

Pedagog and Illustrator of working materials for the schools





Baye Eyasu

Pedagog and Administration






Laura Persson

Head of communications, 
 +46 709 62 94 00




Maria Bohlin

Board Member, suppleant







Anna Thorell

Board member




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